From the very beginning of starting A Call to The Nations, Kaleb Nation was filled with a God-inspired calling to spread the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

"It echoes in my heart and mind from the day I became a Christian. That above all, I know, God has called me and now, A Call to The Nations, to disciple, grow His kingdom through the preaching of the Word, and bring His people into a covenant relationship with him." 

So, how are we fulfilling this vision? We started to truly build the ministry last year. We had to ask ourselves, “How do you do ministry through gaming?” The short answer is to keep us centered around Christ. He is the cornerstone of the living church (Ephesians 2:19-22), and he has freed us to preach the gospel so others may find that freedom and then disciple them and train them to do the same. 


In 2021 A Call to The Nations is now partnering with Lowen Clemente Tagnong to build a church and bring the Gospel of Christ to the Philippines. Lowen had contacted Kaleb in early 2020 and then from there a relationship grew.


"God brought me and Lowen together. We met through Facebook and Lowen was sending me scriptures. I actually asked him why he has doing so and he said "To encourage me." That touched me deeply. Then from there, God planted a seed in my heart. I started to do video calls with him and he started to share his ministry with me, we prayed together, and then we started meeting every other week. After that God blossomed our fellowship and A Call to The Nations found a new partner.

As we all know, COVID-19 has affected the entire world, including the Philippines. Within our partnership, A Call to The Nations and its partners, by God’s providence, have been able to empower Lowen’s ministry by support to purchase COVID-19 safety equipment as shown in the image below. The local government requires these items for all social gatherings. Lowen also got approval from the government itself to continue his church gatherings. They stated that he was helping the local community so that it was an essential service for him to have gatherings. They gave him special permission to continue these activities as long as he followed the protocols.


Our support extends further. No one has been on a mission to finish the building of a church complex. This church complex provides him and his local team an essential place to do ministry and to have gatherings with the youth and adults. In the past month the roof was finished. Overall, the building is usable but it still has quite a few things that it needs to be completely finished.


Since Lowen has become a part of our team we have seen God grow his ministry and prosper the work of his hands. We are proud to call him a brother in Christ. He is faithfully serving God and we need people like you to help us continue this mission.


Right now, we are looking for partners to help us advance this calling by becoming a A Call to The Nations partner. If God is pulling on your heart become a partner please click this link. Thank you for your generosity.