Think back on your own childhood. I know,when I was growing up I had  a lot of free time with really nothing to invest it into! Everyday, wasting time, watching TV, sitting on my couch or just riding around with my friends. Looking back I wish I could have taken advantage of  that time but there was nothing of interest in my life, or opportunities that would interest me. There was a lot to do, but nothing that really built up value in my life, no purposeful focus or activity that communicated to my heart’s passion. As I look back, God had a plan for this time in my life to not go to waste.

"There was a lot to do, but nothing that really built up value in my life, no purposeful focus or activity that communicated to my heart's passion."

This loss in my past planted a seed for the future. That seed, has now, in time, generated fruit that pushed our team at A Call to The Nations to start a program for youth who are in these types of situations. Our goal is founded in providing opportunities to youth stuck in these types of situations. We give them an environment to build their communication skills, learn time management,  grow in community, make friends, and find a foundation in Christ.

Our very first person in our program was Jordan Robles located in Bogata, Columbia. The program opened opportunities for him during the COVID pandemic. Columbia was and is still under extreme pressure economically from the loss the pandemic has created. Jordan found a gem of opportunity when he joined the gaming team. He was able to have a substantial income, improve his English which led him to seek full-time job opportunities, and more.

Paid to play program As we grew we began to accept other individuals into our program and help them create opportunities, like Nathan. He was on summer break when he joining the program and immediately began to grow in leadership, communication, and management skills. He took over managing some of the social media platforms and managing one of our professional teams. All he was looking for was an opportunity to serve somewhere and be accepted. In turn, the A Call to The Nations Paid to Play program has prepared him for the future as a young adult. Grown his knowledge of Christ and now he is more prepared for his future as an adult.

There are so many stories we could share about the work that is going on and to come! God is using this organization to engage a group of people that many traditional ministries will never reach. We want to keep doing what God has called us to do and if you would like to partner with us please click here.