Thank you!

Thank you for signing up for the tournament. All updates will come through email and you will be invited to your matches at 2:00 to 2:30 the day of the tournament. Be ready to play! See you soon!


  1. The tournament winner is decided by whoever has the most wins in the 2 hours of Game play. We will play on January 08, 2022 from 2:00pm EST until 5:00pm EST.
  2. What weapons can I use? You can use ANY weapon but these:
    • No Launchers (Or any weapon of this type)
    • No Cali sticks.
    • No shotguns.
  3. Show up 30 minutes early!
  4. IF YOU WIN, we will PAY you through Paypal or Cashapp, have that ready so you can get your cash fast!
  5. Winners Announced LIVE ON TWITCH on Social Media and by email The MONDAY after the tournament.
  6. Prizes are given immediately upon tournament completion.
  7. Who runs the tournament/how is it hosted? A Call to The Nations’s Referee’s run the tournament.