Author: Kaleb Nation

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Growth and new horizons

We have been working hard to begin this year to update the infrastructure of A Call to The Nations and continue to grow the ministries God entrusted to us. One of the major challenges we faced is growing income in this time of uncertainty. Not only is there a pandemic now but Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. These are not things that necessarily give hope to your average individual, but now is all the more time for us to hunker down and invest in developing that which he has given to us.  Just as Paul told Timothy to continue to grow his gifts that were entrusted to them by the Lord we want to do the same. (1 Timothy 4:14-16)

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Giving the youth an outlet for growth

Think back on your own childhood. I know,when I was growing up I had  a lot of free time with really nothing to invest it into! Everyday, wasting time, watching TV, sitting on my couch or just riding around with my friends.

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Ministry in the Philippines

From the very beginning of starting A Call to The Nations, Kaleb Nation was filled with a God-inspired calling to spread the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. “It echoes in my heart and mind from the day I became a Christian. That above

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