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Got no time to find an Elite team? Tired of playing with randoms who don’t call out, push alone, and then you end up collecting losing streaks? Our service provides VIP experiences for gamers like you! Use Nation Pro to play with highly-skilled, non-toxic, and helpful teammates. Ever wondered how people loot faster? Play with the top 0.1% of Apex Legends players and rank up 10 times faster. Learn how to be an Apex Legend. Get into the top 3 in 70% of your matches. Finish each of your gaming sessions with satisfaction.


Increasing Ranks

Earning Badges

Getting more wins

Coaching and Skill enhancement

And more, just ask!

Purchase one hour and Get one hour of play time totally free! use code on checkout:


Jordan Robles
Jordan Robles
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Matches start quick and everything went to plan. I would say it was a success.
James Fruke
James Fruke
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Excellent pricing and playing with A Call to The Nations PRO's is like playing with friends, but they are way better, lol!
Amber Reed
Amber Reed
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The games where absolutely amazing and the players taught me how to play and what to do to get the most points in the game.
Angela Reed
Angela Reed
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These guys are just to nice. I thought because I was a girl it would be weird playing with people I didn't know and they where way betttter than me, but it turned out really well! Yahoo!

Why choose us?

100% satisfaction guarantee

We only have the best players

Non-toxic team mates

How it works

All of our PRO’s are current or past Predators.


Choose start here.
Follow the steps.


Connect you to our Discord


Then we will connect you with a pro.

Some of Our pro's

We only have the best of the best.

Common questions/FAQ

You will always get wins or rank up in points when you play with our pro’s, or your money back.

As long as your open to feedback our pros will show you the ways the pros move the map, loot, and position themselves. Your garunteed to learn something from your playtime.

Your time can be saved if you don’t use all of it. Any left over time will be stored. So when your ready to play again your ready to go!

About the serivce

There are 2 main options of playing — 1 and 3 hour sessions. Each session is only different based on the amount of time you have purchased.

Have qUEstions abouT our service?

Our organization is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We game with people from all over the globe! Hosting tournaments online as well as in person!

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